Testimonials & Praise

Clear Me

Jason Fletcher

Thank you very much. I have been having trouble grounding for over a decade and the day I purchased your service I slept without waking up the entire night. I feel much more present now! This is better than getting into the mud.

Sheila M.

I used to feel bad about my self and my role at work. Once I cleared my core belief of not being good enough, things changed drastically. Now, I am up for a promotion and people keep asking me how I do all of what I do!

Nick Schmitt

I am a truck driver and get road rage a lot. I curse a lot and wished people some nasty stuff. Then I noticed those things happening to me. A friend told me I had a curse, and here I found out it was my own!
After clearing it just once, my luck changed and I only wish people the best!

Nancy Parson

I didn't realize cords were a two way street! I was leaking my energy all over the place, and needed 2 naps a day just to keep up with life.
Now I can stay awake the whole day and clear my cords whenever I feel starting to get drained. So useful!!

Dan Filsuf

When I broke up with my ex, it was heavy, felt lots of emotional baggage, which is clearly attachments and cords. Instead of struggling with this for months, I was over it in seconds. This is gold for anyone going through emotional stuff!

Jenny O.

My spiritual teachers keep telling me to ground myself, as it's my responsibility. I'm so out there sometimes that I don't want to come back. I keep trying different things, like walking in wet grass, digging in the dirt, hugging trees, but it doens't seem to work.
Before my class I did this service and my teachers were silent. I had to ask them about it and they said, there was nothing to say, I was grounded!

Allison K.

The Cords and Sabotage services were able to get at removing blockages tying up my energy and keeping habitual patterns in place. Thank you!
I feel different now.


Tune Me Up

Dinesh Parag

My meditaion practice has been ongoing for 11 years. As I grew into peace, I hit a few limits that were difficult to get passed. Your service helped me transcend those limits. I felt the shift immediately, but experienced a higher meditative state at my next meditation. That was unexpected. Very impressed! Thank you! Namaste.

Grace T.

I was reflecting on my sugar cravings and how unstoppable they were for me. When I got the service, I didn't feel anything change, but the next few days, I didn't have any sugar cravings. Now it's next week and I still don't need sugar to pacify my self. Subtle, yet Amazing.



Megan James

Thank you SO MUCH! I have been having nightmares for over a decade and the night I purchased your service I slept without waking up from a nightmare. It's such a relief! I don't know how you do it, but I am grateful.

Jason Monroe

What is this magic? My leg, which sings pain songs to me all day from shrapnel damage finally shut up. It's a weird feeling not feeling it anymore. Even the metal shrapnel is moving.. away from the bone. I am calling all my vet buddies.

Rinke S.

Living with migranes, CFS and ME issues is a real drag. Never enough energy, always trying to catch my breath, and foggy achy head. I am spiritual and all, but this is beyond cool. How do you do this?? I felt relief in seconds. A few minutes later, the rest cleared up too. I'm relieved, but also so very curious! Won't you tell me more?

Rose P.

I'm a fear monger, and when it hits me, I'm like a deer in the headlights. Frozen. No one can snap me out of it, and if they try, I bite their head off in vengance. After my prayer, I can't fall into that state anymore, it's like I lost the ability to be affected by it. I hope more people find this. Sincerely, thank you!

Donna Able

I'm over 70 and have never heard of such a thing. I've been praying all my life, go to two Churches and never have I see prayers be answered so quickly. My God this is incredible. I prayed about my morning aches, now they're missing. I prayed about my diabetes, now it's gone. My doctor is calling it a spontaneous remission, but what does he know? I call it a miracle. Sending you a big tip and praying for my friends, as they won't get it unless I show them.
Don't raise the prices, even though it's worth ten times this or more.

Joe Henderson

I even had an pain in my right hand finger and it almost disappeared, taking into account it was praying for another area of my life.

Ivan S.

Because I have an enlarged heart I am usually aware of my heart beating heavily, I can feel it thumping in my chest and up into my left neck. After using the service it calmed down so much so that I was shocked. With the calmness came a lightness in my body. I also had a muscle on the left side of my neck that felt tense and contracted. That tension radiated all the way down to my left shoulder blade. With the session the muscle relaxed, and the range of motion in my neck was expanded. Later that evening I didn’t feel that insatiable urge to stuff myself. Also the next day I felt calm still and I noticed my eating was more gentle and not so insatiable. There wasn’t that underlying deep feeling of anxiety.


Energize Me

Jenny K.

I was always feeling lonely. Especially during covid times. The hugme service turned it around for me! I don't feel alone anymore. I definitely recommend doing this.. Thank you! HUGZ!

Aaliyah P.

My career wasn't going anywhere, and I felt stuck. When I found this service and bought it, something surprising happened. I was offered a promotion at my job and got a better job offer and position at a new company at the same time. I left the first, crappy one behind. Sending you a tip from my first paycheck of the new job. Thanks!

Sammy Francisco

I didn't like being on a merry goround. Mainly the part of never getting off. This service (Envision) was like taking a highway exit from the merry goround.
After using it just once, my outlook changed and I knew what I had to do next. If this is a placebo, it's a darn good one.

Cynthia B.

This is for "Get up and move". I never used to have enough energy and motivation to get through the day and keep up with my kids. A friend convinced me to try this.
What a difference! Thank you, sincerely.

Freddie Ortiz

My relationship ended badly. Emotions raging, beating myself up, feeling like I swallowed bricks, you get the drift. When I got the full package, I was over it in seconds. Wow, no more struggling for months. How does this work?!

Oliver Trumbull

I used to get sick a lot, catch everything that was going around. If someone had it, I caught it. The doctors got tired of seeing me. Since I got the service, I haven't been sick. And as a bonus, my energy is over the top.
I still have a cabinet full of perscription medications. Not for long!

Jackalyne Torres

Those hugs you have are so fun! I use them to see if my friends are sensitive enough to feel them. I even use it on my dates to see if they have the right stuff. So warm thanks to you!

Tony Betten

Dude! These are sick! Did em one at a time, then all at once. Yo, these are dope. I didn't even light up today. Got more? Need one for love!


Realize Me

Beth F.

The service got to the root of my issues and picked up on others that I wasn’t even aware of! It was able to address other things about me that I didn’t mention which also rang true, and I felt much more at ease the rest of the night.

Jackie D.

I used to feel bad about my self and my role at work. Once I realized my core belief of not being good enough, things changed drastically. Now, I am up for a promotion and people keep asking me how I do all of what I do!

Dr. C Wong

Somehow the service was able to pick up on energies necessary to help me get the guidance I want. I felt light after the service.

Ellena Krasninova

You help me greatly. I just need love. I am love. That was all. Tenk you.


Build Me Up

Ryan P.

I seem to be manifesting everything I need in order to be the best I can be. I’m meeting the right people at the right time and picking up the right books that validate I’m on the right path or tell me what I need in order to grow. My life is beginning to become in sync. This works wonders!

Xinning Li

I’ve been holding a block in my body - a tenseness I had felt off and on for years. Now [after using the Build Me Up service] I am feeling a sense of spaciousness. The realization that this one belief was part of generations of past families gives me feeling of freedom.

Mark Benton

I'm an ex Navy Seal, can't talk about the other stuff, but what I can tell you is if I had this as a tool on missions, boy we wouldn't have so much PTSD. When my paranoia started kicking in, I used the prayer to calm it right down. It didn't even take 10 seconds. Now I'm working on the different triggers for my PTSD and it's working wonders. I feel so confident now. It's like I'm sitting behind a big gun with an invulnerable shield around me. The feeling is amazing. This is way better than therapy.
Can't wait for my next paycheck.


Take Heart

Martyna Fal

Hi Rob! I have to say I am turning into a version of myself I couldn't see happening before because of how much anxiety I was riddled with.
The healing you provided was life changing I cannot thank you enough. I'm going out more, I've noticed my overall mood has improved drastically.
My sleep has gotten better which is out of this world amazing. It's almost impossible to describe how elated and relieved I am to finally feel a sense of normalcy in my day to day life.
You're an amazing soul my friend!!! 🌟🔥✨💛

Rachel Mann

I'm finally doing good. I've been feeling something is lifted and the heaviness is gone is the beat way to describe it. No more negative entity communication or images, just an absence of. I feel like something planetary lifted from all of us. Almost everybody I know experienced extreme distress earlier week and now there seems to be a lifting, however I will tell you for sure that mine was lifted right after we did our session. I rejoined my own gym and made a commitment to health and stopped listening to garbage propaganda. I stopped eating like shit and stop putting mental shit into my brain LOL! I feel a big shift! My motivation came back! Which is awesome because we had worked on the procrastination among all the other things! I also feel the lightness inside me that I haven't felt in a very long time.

Annette Thomas

My little brother had seisures almost every other day. We all watched as he flailed, helplessly. Doctors wanted to take parts of his brain out. We didn't like that barbaric idea. Then a new doctor gave his opinion and an unusual suggestion. It was to try this boutique healing service, as they had good results. After just three sessions, my little brother is seisure free! No surgery, just magic!

Frank Schultz

I plaayed ball in school, busted up my knees and back. Sleeping was a bi7ch. Can always tell when the weather is coming. Done with doctors and their expensive surgeries, it was time to look at alternative options. When this came up, I thought it was a hoax. The folks were so nice, though, explained things patiently and helped me see that it could be done. Once I was good with that we got rid of the pain in both knees and my back in less than 30 minutes. 30 minutes. That's it. You're a godsend. Bless you.

Shiloh Mills

The other services are fun and entertaining, but I had no idea you could work on practiaclly any issue. Welp, you were rigght. Everything IS energy. A few tweakks of mine and I'm good to go. Where was this 20 years ago?

Beau Penske

I used to say "what" a lot, annoyed my friends and family. It's because I hear white noise in one of my ears. Like a quiet hum that goes like shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. The consierge service helped isolate the problem to my right inner ear, which no doctor could do, and then made the noise go away. I don't hear it anymore and hear everyone else the FIRST time! Sometimes I miss the hum as it let me tune people out, hehe, bla bla, shhhhhh. Sweet and sour.

Millie Powers

Paranoia ruled my life for ages. I lost all credibility with friends and family. They thought I was nutz! I did too, after how everyone treated me. When I discovered that the DSM doesn't actually understand what people are going through, I looked for answers elsewhere. That's when I found you and your service. Since I wasn't sure which one to play with I opted for the concierve service to help me personally. The results were astounding. In minutes after the clearing, I didn't feel what I felt before. It was so liberating! Sorry for the 20 questions, it was so interesting! I'll be back any time I need more insight. Gratitude!

Catherine Bates

Being on horrible medications for years took it's toll. Insomnia from the constant pain, smelling like tiger balm all the time just to numb the pain and stay sane. The migraines raged for years. They didn't stop. During the session the pain lessened. Turns out it was three different headaches and one migraine. I could not tell the difference from them all and all the pounding pain. Once we removed all the layers and root causes of the headaches, they just stopped. Is it just that simple? YES. Why isn't this taught in schools?


Expand Me

Nick G.

I had an accident at work and injured my right knee. I tore the meniscus on the inside and outside. I was in severe pain and could hardly walk. I was focusing on something else, not the knee problem. But next day the pain was completely gone.

Ann L.

In spite of the fact that I often speak to groups and teach as an adjunct professor, I have carried a deep fear that holds me back from public speaking and being visible. This was not supportive of my mission to assist others in their journey. After getting the [. ] service I felt good but the proof was in the pudding when I went to teach a class two days later that had always made me nervous. At the end of it, I was approached by my colleagues who exclaimed, “That was fabulous. You were right on. I knew you could show up like this and have it all come together…and today you did.”

Gina P.

I had one issue that I wanted to address and every deep emotion I had in regard to the issue was brought to the surface without me even revealing my past experiences. Even though my personal issue is one that will take time, I felt at peace and positive about the outcome.

Tim I.

I’ve come to just love the clearings in order for me to feel better or move an unknown obstacle out of my way in order to move ahead while living in the here and now.


Align Me

Timothy C.

After doing the Align Me services I can say that I now regularly sleep like a baby and no longer wake up feeling like a bus hit me – rather I am clear headed and energized for the day!

Karen Michaels

It’s as if I’ve had a mental and emotional make-over. I have greater self-respect and an incredible sense of inner peace and balance and feel consistently energetic.



Rob Hackett

II’m not sure what got cleared, but I know that I feel a shift. There is more space in my body; I’m lighter, settled somehow. I suddenly felt that I could breathe – lungs and sinuses cleared.

Betty Yonkers

You know when you get so hungry you're angry? I call it hangry. Haha, well when I purchased all the Impact+ services, that totally stopped!


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